Developer Utilities

Developer Utilities is a free Swiss army knife of handy commands that all System i developers will find useful, including:

  • RPLSRCSTR (Replace Source Strings). An automated scan and replace facility letting you not only find strings in multiple source members, but modify them automatically too. Automate those tedious repetitive programming tasks!

  • ARCSRCMBR (Archive Source Members) and  RSTSRCMBR (Restore Source Member). A source archiving/retrieval facility letting you save multiple source versions of your source, which can be held in compressed form on cheap media (PC disk, CD etc.)

  • CPYMSGD (Copy Message Description). The command IBM forgot! Lets you create a message by copying another one.

  • RTVMSGSRC (Retrieve Message File Source). Retrieve CL program code to create message files.

The download file includes a User Guide with installation instructions. The commands have full online help.

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